Greetings fair Priceless goers!

~~ Activities application deadline extended to Friday May 25. Apply here! ~~

Have you ever wanted to share a hidden talent, skill or interest with a group of friends in the forest, by a river?  Perhaps you’ve thought of something special or surprising you might like to stumble upon somewhere in the woods. Are you so good at spotting otters, you could teach a workshop? Did you win last year’s ‘Wife’ Carrying Competition? If so, apply to lead a Priceless activity this year, here.

Priceless activities are a unique opportunity for you to share your passions, interests, and interactive artistic inclinations to stoke community curiosity.  Priceless activities can happen anytime, all weekend long, and cover almost anything that amuses and inspires. Anyone can lead an activity — all you need is an idea.

We’re looking for activities that are interactive, unusual, inclusive and fun.  Of particular interest to this year’s team: sensory experiences leveraging taste, scent, and sound, ideation activities to stimulate creative juices, activities involving actual juice, musical experiences that use voice as an instrument, things that make you giggle and wiggle, natural history of California and the local area, including, but not limited to, the ecological niche of the Belden Beast and various creepy bears known to roam the local area.

We’ll also be doing Ignite talks again this year—these talks will each be 5 minutes long with 20 slides and only 15 seconds a slide. If you’re interested in leading an Ignite talk, take a look at the activity application form for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to nominate a friend to lead an activity, shoot us an email at   


We look forward to receiving your submissions by May 15th May 25th.

Anchor down in Belden town,

The Priceless Activities Team