Ticket exchange 2019

Need a ticket? Ended up with a spare? Connect with others in the comments on this page to buy and sell them. Never above face value, of course; we have zero tolerance for ticket scalping and will cancel any tickets found to have been sold above face value + fees.

125 Replies to “Ticket exchange 2019”

  1. looking for a ticket for a friend – plane tickets are involved, so would be awesome to find one soon! text at: 415-577-8876 thanks! suzahna


  2. Looking for a ticket for myself! Any help would be appreciated, text me at ‪(510) 859-3574‬ if you have one or a lead.



  3. Groovy forest buddies: I’ve been 2x and she’s been 4x. We’re hoping to show a pair of our friends the magic, so if you have two tickets I’d love to hear from you. Text/Call/Whatevs! ❤

    (916) 759-9160


    1. Hi Dan, I’d be interested in your tickets and passes if they are still available! Feel free to text – 609-571-6398. Happy weekend, and thanks for considering! Lila


      1. Hey Dan! I would love to host your tickets for an amazing journey with my crew. Feel free to ping me from 6179522512!

        Have a lovely evening! 🙂


    1. Hey there, I’d be interested in taking them off your hands. Message me at ‪(510) 859-3574‬ or email at john.welsh[at]gmail!


      1. Your phone number does not look right 😦 can’t text you.

        Text me if you still got it – (919) 904-2464


  4. I have one ticket and probably one parking pass available because my partner can’t go – boo. But yay for you? Face value, transfer through secretparty yatta yatta.

    Text Mark(o) @ 415-902-4605


  5. 11x Priceless attendee living in Miami with plans to visit his old man in Yuba county the week of Priceless. Would love to come for #12 but my friends sold their extra tickets literally hours before I put plans in motion. Have a 24-hour hold on flights that I would probably plan differently if I can’t find a ticket. Please hit me up if you can hook it up! Eli 415-341-6248


  6. In need of *2* tickets. Just received amazing optimistic medical news that bodes well for my ability to thrive on this planet, and would love to celebrate with you all. My number is 774-270-4127


    1. Found one, looking for one more ticket! Help me bring my hubs with me :). Message me at 518207687five (trying to avoid bots).


  7. Hey y’all! Looking for a single ticket to bring a newbie whom I think would really love the community. 🙂 Happy to text at 310 907 6032. -Jason


  8. I have a single ticket and a meal ticket and an offsite ticket for sale. text or call 9146100627. face value is just 17 cents above 400.00.


  9. Hi Everyone!
    I can no longer attend and an not really sure how this works. But I have one ticket for 270$ and one adult meal deal foe 82$.


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