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Your fellow Pricelessers have lots to share with you! Check out these talks & activities during your weekend in Belden. Times are always shifting. Check our Google doc for the latest time.
Mystery of Belden with Corinna @ various locations
Adventure into the history of Belden Town. The Mystery of Belden is an alternate reality game that draws you into the early 1900s, a time of massive change — and, if you’re lucky, a time of hidden treasure — in the Sierra Nevadas. Happening ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Community Painting: Conservation Posters with Inga @ various locations
Inspired by the Nihilisa Frank aesthetic Inga Loyeva re-imagines conversation posters and invites the Priceless community to participate in the creation of these paintings. Everyone is invited to make their mark and interpret the theme.

Feather River Coffee Service and Social with Sasha @ Lawn across from Lodge
Fresh ground ‘handcrafted’ pour over coffee for your Belden morning the slow way. Come ready to enjoy the morning and see your fellow morning coffee lovers. Bring your own hot beverage cup for a peak experience. Sponsored by High Rock Coffee Lovers Club. No decaf is available. Look for us in the morning!

Baby Movement Workshop with Lou, Jax, & Zeb @ The Forest Stage
Babies provided, but supplementaries welcome. Unite in a cluster of bigguns entangled with one baby. Mirror her movements for EXACTLY 3600 seconds. Reconnect with the ground. Reconsider walking. Take pleasure in making weird noises, but not your own. Follow, don’t lead.

Neurohacking through Movement with Lisa @ The Forest Stage
Learn how to enhance your creativity and productivity using your body’s best technology with movements that enhance brain connections that anyone can use on the fly to shift states.

Flow, Restore, and Center Slow Vinyasa with Noam & Sammie @ The Outpost
Join for an hour-long alignment-based flow, sinking deep into poses, unwinding into a restorative sequence, then sealing the practice with a short meditation sit. Leave feeling strong, limber, and grounded before moving through your weekend at Priceless. Yogis and yoginis of all skill levels welcome. Please bring water and a mat if you have one.

Temporary Bad Tattoos with Yan @ Lodge Porch
Have you ever wanted a bad tattoo? Come to get one (temporarily)! Good tattoo ideas will not be given, only bad ones. No swimming for 1 hour afterward. Tattoos will develop in 24-36 hours, just in time for your first day of work/school/etc. after Priceless and will last 8-18 days.

The Work That Reconnects with Tibet @ The Outpost
Get introduced to a powerful set of teachings and practices that can help us reclaim our world. We will use playful, relational exercises to connect with how we can all participate in the shift to a life-sustaining society. Developed over decades by activist and teacher Joanna Macy, this philosophy and set of powerful group exercises synthesizes systems thinking, deep ecology and non-dual spirituality.

Get Your Consent on with Cianna @ The Outpost
Desires. Boundaries. Moods. We all have them. All. The. Time. How can you best play and explore so that EVERYONE feels good about what’s happening both during and after your interactions? We’ll start with understanding consent, then practice tools for better communication and fun.

Storytelling with Aaron @ The Forest Stage
Experience or bring stories from French, English, Norse, Egyptian, African, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, and other mythologies.

Prepare for PANTONE: Paper Playtime! with Stef, Ben, & Orange @ Picnic Tables Across from Lodge
Posse up for this kid-friendly craft period to produce paper chain garlands to decorate Sunday’s party-within-a-party. We’ll also have extra paper, scissors, and glue on hand for general collaging and crafting!

Rock this Life! with Krush @ the Forest Stage
Get in touch with your inner rock star in this silly, fun-filled transformational workshop. A 60-minute interactive journey lead by Krush, the world-renowned self help-guru for the stars.

Parkour Through Physics with Charles @ The Dirt Stage
Learn the magic of parkour through basic physics. This beginner-friendly parkour workshop will teach you how to stretch the limits of what think you can do – and also, how to safely stay at those limits while you broaden them. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that does not restrict your range of motion.

Improv: Advanced Scenework for Complete Novices with Peter @ The Forest Stage
Create grounded, satisfying scenes from scratch. Explore finding authentic relationships in scenes, listening for offers, and building on what’s already available.

Play with Your Head with Miri @ The Outpost
We are going to play with our heads for sensory stimulation and relaxation. Learn to lull your partner into a relaxed state using only a hairbrush or your fingernails! We might also dabble in a bit of scalp and face massage, under the guidance of a seasoned bodyworker.

Hacking the Brain – A Talk on the Future and Present with Ramez @ The Forest Stage
From The Matrix to Limitless, science fiction has dreamed of tech that could interface with and upgrade the brain. Come to hear about and see videos of the actual science of brain hacking, and where it could lead us.

Knotty Tea with Calli @ the Outpost
Learn to tie 5 basic knots while sipping tea.

Ignite Priceless 3 @ Across from Forest Stage
Ignite is coming back for its third year. Come to see your fellow attendees share their ideas and passions in five-minute talks. Our speakers include:
Brynja Bowman, David Brown, Erica Stephan, EJ Harkness, Daniel Barcay, Matthew Sundquist, Jeremy Conrad, Cianna Stewart, Inga Loyeva, Chuk Moran, & Griffin Crafts

Doc Brown’s Sunset Poetry Picnic @ The Dirt Stage
Word words and: words. Bring
food, sit
down (on
rugs), free
poems. The sun
sets over the dirt. You should be there.

Holding Space For Space: Stargazing & BYO Astronomy Facts with Martin @ the Beach
Come space out with us for some old-fashioned stargazing. Bring your own mind-bending facts about the universe, questions, gadgets, apps, reflections, snacks, distantly related show-and-tell items, or just a healthy sense of curiosity and wonder.

Buugeng 101 with Rion @ The Dirt Stage
Wonder ’bout those wavy whatsits? Want to wet your wacky whistle with the weirding way of the wigglesticks? Wander into buugeng, a hypnotic dance form using two s shaped staves.

The Art of Falling Down with Sid and Deb @ The Forest Stage
Falling is fun! In the first half of the class, we will teach you how to practice falling and rolling, forward and backwards. We will do partner exercises to take turns stretching and falling. In the second half of the class, we will introduce several movements from Aikido to practice falling out with partners. As much as possible, please wear clothes without any fasteners, straps, buckles or zippers.

Regression Workshop: Storytime, Snacks, & Nap with Patrick @ The Outpost
Remember when someone else took care of all of your needs? Being an adult can be hard. Come take a short break from these worries, and regress to kindergarten. We will have snack time with a story, followed by a nap. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blankie). Open to all ages. Kid-tested, mother-tested, also.

Go with the Flow with Tani @ The Forest Stage
What is “flow”, and how can it benefit you? Prop manipulation (also referred to as flow arts) is a great tool for understanding and accessing this state. We’ll review the science behind the mental flow state, before delving into our own practice using a mixture of props and dance.

Shake Your Dragon Booty with Joey @ The Dirt Stage
Come swing swords with us while dancing like a dragon. Learn the basics of attack and defense, then apply them in a beautiful broken rhythm partner dance. Those who stay till the end get to dance together in the grand ball!

Sake Brewing Talk with Connor @ The Outpost
“How does rice turn into late nights and great decisions?‬ First you need to polish your booze brain!‬ Saké is the magic combination of rice, water, koji, yeast and most importantly (shokunin) craftsmanship.
Come to the Belden California branch of the secret saké society to learn about the history, brewing and appreciation of saké.‬”

Hot Salsa Dancing! with SalsaKat @ The Forest Stage
Come get your Latin flava fix in the woods with us. Get your body moving to Salsa rhythms, meet your fellow campers learning partnering technique. Beginner Level, All Welcome, No Partner Required! Whether you’re a two-left-feet-newbie or a suave Salsero, let’s celebrate in dance together.

An Art Monk’s Intro to Gregorian Chant with Charles @ The Outpost
In a world that sometimes feels like a return to the Dark Ages, we can each become Art Monks, bastions of culture, bringing the beauty of ancient contemplative practices to our daily lives. Join Charles to learn how to read, sing, and connect deeply to Gregorian Chant.

The Power of Play with Dr. Alison Ash @ The Forest Stage
Playfulness is not only the root of creativity, it also paves the way to intimate connection. Learn how to make difficult conversations fun, transform awkwardness into connection, and navigate challenges with ease and levity. In this workshop, you will explore the many types of (non-sexual) play which feel nourishing to you, learn to share your boundaries using play, practice expressing your wants and needs in a way that makes checking in fun, and discover play as a powerful way to explore and express yourself.



Anchor down in Belden town,

The Priceless Activities Team

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