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Individual Consent Practices and Accountability Agreement v1.1 2018

The intention of this document is to clearly and transparently establish a shared agreement of consent being held by everyone at this event. By defining this common agreement we educate, produce structure, and build trust and safety. Agreeing to this structure allows for accountability. Everything on this document is meant to be embraced and maintained by you.


Consent is defined as permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. This is the baseline; that there was a clear agreement before an action took place. Communication, Agreement, Action. This is our definition of consent.

  • Consent means that all people involved must meaningfully agree to the action.
  • Establish consent for each aspect of your interaction. Explicit consent is best.
  • Consenting to one thing does not obligate you to consent to any other thing.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time, verbally or nonverbally, even after the activity has started.
  • Current consent does not imply future consent.
  • Consider proactively expressing your boundaries as part of establishing consent with others. Share how you might respond if a boundary is near to, or being, crossed.
  • Disclose your level of intoxication and carefully consider someone else’s level of sobriety when establishing consent with them. If they are too intoxicated, consent may not be possible.
  • Do not base your consent practices on observations of others who might have pre-negotiated consent in ways you have not seen.
  • Create your own rapport with others. If you observe others engaging in an activity, don’t assume that you can join them or that they will do it with you.
  • If you sense a person is uncomfortable: stop to check-in and re-establish consent, or stop entirely if you’re unable to clearly re-establish consent.


This accountability framework assumes a shared value in restorative resolution rather than solely punitive retribution.

By signing this agreement I voluntarily agree to the following consent and accountability framework and understand that consent violations will result in me being held accountable in the community, which might include:

  • Feedback or coaching with the intent of helping me be a better community participant.
  • Being asked to leave the event, up to and including being temporarily or permanently banned from future or related events.
  • Participating in mediation or restorative justice but only as agreed upon by all involved parties.
  • Allowing event organizers to share any information about the incident and involved parties with other organizers or community members, however they decide is best, in order to help prevent future issues.
  • Event organizers cooperating with law enforcement with the investigation of any allegations of sexual assault and other severe consent violations.

I understand that I am waiving a right under law by agreeing. By accepting this agreement I consent to having any consent incidents shared, as outlined above, and understand I am waiving my rights to any and all claims that I have been libeled, slandered, or defamed if the Event Organizers share this information.

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