Dear Priceless family,

We sincerely hope you and your families and friends are well. Like you, we’ve been closely following news of the coronavirus pandemic and available public health guidance: modifying or pausing activities we care about in the interests of safety and containment; and staying flexible to changes in our social landscape moving forward.

In the past few weeks we’ve also considered what the best path might be for Priceless under the circumstances. Our hearts are heavy as we write to you today to tell you that we won’t be hosting Priceless in 2020.

It makes us happy to remember magical times with all of you on the beach and among the trees–even out in the boulder field in direct sunlight; but we don’t think it’s possible for us to recreate those times this year. Based on public health guidance available today, we don’t feel like we’d be doing right by our immediate community (or anyone else) if we planned a party.

We’re looking for ways that we can bring a taste of Priceless to the summer while still keeping everyone safe. Keep an eye out for more from us in the future.

The Priceless Planners

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