2018 Art

Introducing 2018’s Priceless Art!

Let’s give a warm welcome to this year’s Priceless art! We are excited for interactive sound art, immersive shady spaces and temples, climbable structures, whimsical pieces, and interactive playful art. Coming to Priceless are art installations that stimulate all the senses – touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste! Projects embraced the theme of reflecting on the path that led us to our present, with augmented reality and stories woven through Belden itself. Delight in the creativity and thoughtfulness of our artists, and be sure to take an evening stroll down to the beach for some magical night water art!

Get ready to experience this year’s portfolio of Priceless art and artists!


8-Bit Boom Box

Make your own collaborative chiptune music using iconic retro video game controllers, amplified thru a vintage boombox in STEREOPHONIC SOUND! The 8-Bit Boombox is as simple to learn as Pac Man, but will take you as long to beat as- well, you can’t beat it. It’s a jambox!



Brent Bishop
AGORA is a mobile theatre and performance space, turning any area into a pop-up concert hall, dance floor, or forum. With all the portability of a 2-bit Snake Oil show, and all the class of them fancy opera houses, it’s sure to jam a few priceless memories into your ol’ noggin.


Amphorest Project

Leyla Larkin, Court Arning, Ana Londergan, Greg Simpson
The Amphorest Project is a growing collection of LED light sculptures that were created from re-purposed pieces of the Love Potion Amphora art car. There are currently five sculptures that illuminate the night.


Bar None

Sena Koleva and Nasimeh Bahrayni
Welcome to Bar None! Instead of liquor we serve up science-backed interaction cocktails to create intimacy. We invite you to connect more deeply, cultivate understanding and empathy, and have fun with friends old and new.


Belden Barge v4

Morgan Martinez and Bash Ziady
The Belden Barge is back and more playful than ever! In a new manifestation even more accommodating to exploring the dynamics of structures on water! You are invited to play, dance, hang, swim, and explore aquatic physics!


Belden’s Bellagio

Kelly Hering and Shaun Meehan
Belden’s Bellagio brings the sleepy Feather River to life at night with an amazing water show! Watch the fountains dance around a natural screen on which we project the most captivating colors and imagery.



Mario Landau-Holdsworth
Correspondence: explore collaborative thinking, writing and communication in a new way!

Do bees dream in rainbows?

Miriam Burke, Nick Mimer
Do bees dream in rainbows? This project celebrates the importance and beauty of bees as they live their lives flower to hive. Rainbow weavings and prisms invite you into a spectrum of whimsy and delight held by the foundation of the hive.



Ashwin Chandra and Parisa Chandra
The Dreamtemple is an exquisite sacred space for an engaging exploration of our consciousness. Intricate shrines, ambient soundscapes, comfortable areas to relax, and dream-like visual decor enable us to rest, meditate, and interact with each other on a deeper level.



Grant Patterson
ETIPADO is a mysterious strobing pole. Make yourself seen with its antique camera. Do you know how to view the images? Shake your head “NO” to find out.


Grassy Fractals

Gretchen Perkins, Bonnie Barrilleaux, Gene Shuman
Grassy Fractals is a collaboration between two art projects, the Grassy Knoll, a mildly robotic collection of earthy plush, and Epimorphism, a fractaline and hypnotic computer art project. Perfect for those pesky 4am urges to meld into something while simultaneously saturating your visual field.


House of the Quivering Heart

Jumana Nabti, Kirra Swenerton, Allen Meyers
Bring to us your simmering, quivering heart. Lay down, stand up, fight or flight, nibble, dribble, hold on tight. If ye seek a remedy, memory or number three, you have found the place to be. So close your eyes and open wide, we’ve got what you need inside!


In Calm Sequence

Vibrata Chromodoris
Wandering through Belden, you see a sign with an intriguing clip of text. You see another sign in the distance, like those old Burma Shave ads. You follow the signs, experiencing each panel until you end up where the story and your destination interweave.


Natural Radio Music

Jean Rintoul
The sounds of earth’s electromagnetic fields. Listen for earthquakes, lightning storms and the earth’s fundamental frequency, trains and other magnetic effects. At dawn, an effect that sounds like birds, but is actually created by the ionosphere occurs called ‘the dawn chorus’. Marvel at the unseen and unheard!


Out of Order Wall

Nick Avila
Come play with the Sequin Wall! Leave a drawing or a note for everyone to enjoy!


Outpost on the Bayou!

Gillian Wolfe, Rebecca Williams, Wes Bascom, Nathanael Wolfe, and Geoff Donaldson
The next thing we knew, Outpost was full of accordions and pianos. Damn near looked like cajun country. Swamp cypresses took over a little shack that just sits and calls to the wanderer, offering to “pass a good time”, as they say. Follow the marquee sign and find a spot safe from the gators!


Pipe Dream

Ashley Meyer
Scale, swing, hop, dangle, and dance, and contemplate the geometries of a human inside a man-made, primate-inspired irregular lattice!


Plasma Obelisk

Coup de Foudre
The plasma garden: three pedestals surround a central pillar. Tiny sparks dance atop each pedestal, filling the air with music. The central pillar dances with a strange light that seems to react to the presence of others…


Polarizing Projector

Gustavo Lacerda
An overhead projector with polarizing filters, and a crafts table with optical toys (plastic materials, scotch tape, scissors), which has the effect of producing interesting colors on the screen.



Katie McClung
Portal is a multimedia, interactive, floating light installation inspired by a dream. Portal serves as a visual symbol of the link between the subconscious and conscious self, overcoming fears and challenges of moving forward into the unknown, and the connection between who we’ve been and who we want to become.


Priceless Planet TV (TM)

Roger Goldfinger and Alex Thebert
Join Us! The producers of Priceless Planet are ready to broadcast the beauties of Belden Town. But what could never be shown is the unseeable journey: each participant’s own unique [AR/VR] path that’s far greater than anything a screen could capture. Experience it yourself on Priceless Planet Live!


Sailor’s Enigma

John Sundberg
Sailor’s Enigma is a LED chandelier in a nautical theme that represents the constant thought and toil of sailors as they scheme against the elements.


Sky Jellies

Sasha Purrs and Shevek
Edwardian ruffles and cyberpunk luminescence collide in these gentle otherwordly creatures. They’re shy, so be sure to tread softly in the woods.


Smoke & Mirrors

Tristan Ursell and Hannah Bishop
Smoke & Mirrors is an enchanted space from another time, where warm light, sweet smoke, and laughter fill the air. In your cushioned nest, you reconnect with old friends and make new ones, you reminisce and plan for the future, you recouperate and relax, as you prepare to hit the dance floor … again.


Soul Journal – Priceless 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 11.47.02 AM.png

Edi Hsu
Edi Hsu is live-painting an illustrated watercolor storybook of Priceless 2018! Some of the best outfits and dance moves will grace the pages in his travel journal. Sticker-prints of these illustrations will progressively appear throughout the weekend! Self-published replicas of the journal will be available after the event.


Sound Cave 5 Elements Tea House

Tyson Ayers and Leah Desjardins
The Sound Cave 5 Elements Tea House invites you to subtly discover melodies or bang away ecstatically on over a thousand piano strings, while immersing you in the natural phenomena of sympathetic resonance so fully you palpably feel and hear the echoes of every vibration that passes through this space.



Igor, Stacey, Dawn, Jered, Josh
Some absent-minded alien has left a spaceship in Belden! You can take it out for a spin around the galaxy, but you’ll need a few friends to fly it. And you’ll have to work together — AS A SPACETEAM!


The Ball Pit

Yash Sekhon, Beau Gaerlan
Being here now means a perception of interconnection with one’s environment and the people in it. But with our ball pit, that interconnection is made tangible. Your every move ripples against the senses of friends and strangers alike, physically actualizing the feeling of shared presence. Engulf yourself in plastic, spherical communion.


The Bird ‘Burb

Ellen Juhlin and Justin Oliphant
A flock of birds has made Priceless their home, you can visit them and hear them sing!


The Desire for an Aquatic Life

Deborah Yoon 
Desire for an Aquatic Life is a 3-D paper-cut out sculptural installation, made up of imagined flora, botany, oceanic life, and whimsy.


The Grand Abacus

Chuk Moran
The Grand Abacus has sufficient calculative capacity to reach 10e15 but is more fun to use on small questions like, “how many months old am I?” or “how many times can I multiply 2 by 2 before I get totally lost?” (answer: around 20 if you’re focused).


The Mystery of Belden

Corinna K.
Adventure into the history of Belden Town. The Mystery of Belden is an alternate reality game that draws you into the early 1900s, a time of massive change — and, if you’re lucky, a time of hidden treasure — in the Sierra Nevadas.


The Scentillator

Tim Harris
The Scentillator looks to bring the sensory stimulation of scent into a relaxing light-show art piece.



Chris Linder
Touchtone instruments direct contact between people creating an element of exploratory play. The piece provides an opportunity for people to share touch with each other in a way that is non goal oriented and captures a sense of wonder and delight.


Vision Quest

Thomas Koff
Vision Quest is an immersive art/science experience that transforms perception and sparks curiosity. A collection of different goggles alter participant’s vision in profound ways and enables attendees to experience their brain rewiring itself as they adapt to this new way of seeing.



Ellen Juhlin and Justin Oliphant
WAIT. Wait to cross the road. What are you waiting for? How long will you wait?


Wings of Garuda Temple

Jason Asbahr, Heather Love, Cat Ho
The Wings of Garuda temple is a sacred space in which immersive multimedia moves participants across liminal boundaries into trance state. Inspired by Balinese ritual, dance, visual art, and music, the temple offers an evolving cycle of visual and audio experience. At times, temple keepers guide visitors though cleansing and transformation rituals.



Rob Bell
The Zomes of Rob Bell have delighted travelers far and wide who have been drawn to their alluring forms. The energy within harnesses a nostalgia for the primordial with a deeply meditated vision of the future. These beautiful inter-celestial escape capsules free the imagination from constraining thoughts and previous perceptions regarding structure.

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