2018 Edible Activities

The Bamboo Lantern

John Dang

Back again after an inspirational trip to Asia, the Bamboo Lantern is lighting up to bring you late-night food surprises after midnight!  Come by, say hello, chat with strangers, nibble a bit, and stay awhile…feel great!


Tasty Late Nite Quesadilla Bites

Trina Martynowicz & the Tasty Crew

Join the Tasty crew when we’ll be serving up late nite quesadillas with an assortment of delightful toppings. Re-energize your night with a tasty bite!


midnight snax

Louisa Bukiet

If you come upon us, we will trade grilled cheese for jokes, riddles, or poems!


Kabuki Teppanyaki

Brett Jackson With Brent Bishop & Cast

KABUKI TEPPANYAKI is a puppet show where the stage is a griddle. Think dinner at Benihana’s – if the ingredients went on an epic hero’s journey, with a cooking utensil percussion section scoring their adventures. Each performance features 3 acts and a 3 course meal. For reservations: solve the riddle of the Ginger Shrimp!


Late Night Takoyaki & Waffle Stand

Kara Yu, Aaron Hubbard

Feeling peckish after dancing? We’ve got just the treat for you! Fresh-made Takoyaki [1] will be available at 1am.  For veggie options, we’ll have waffles made to order with nutella, jam, whipped cream and other toppings.

[1] Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack containing wheat flour, octopus, tempura, ginger and green onion.


Priceless Chai Station

Chandrika and Ari

We will be serving different varieties of amazing warm and iced chai late Friday night and Saturday morning. Bring your cups!


Feather River Coffee Service

Sasha Yee

Opt-in, fresh ground ‘handcrafted’ pour-over coffee for your Belden morning the slow way.  Come ready to enjoy the leisurely morning and see your fellow morning coffee lovers.  Bring your own hot beverage cup for a peak experience.  Sponsored by High Rock Coffee Lovers Club, sorry no decaf.

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