2018 PWP

pantone spines

2018 Party within a party: PANTONE!

Prepare yourselves, pretty people, for a proper party of proud pigmentation. At PRICELESS, on Sunday, pre-sundown, we’ll gather–each in our own personal pure preferred hue–to paint the proverbial town with the plentiful colors in Pantone’s purview.

Participate in partisanship by partnering with either PASTELS or PRIMARIES in the impending battle for primacy. The subtle and seductive Pastels and the bold and brash Primaries will each push to prove their pluck and prowess…WHICH PART OF THE PALETTE WILL PREVAIL??

Partake in the PANTONE PAGEANT, a proud provocative program during which prizes shall be provided (with pomp) for the most pure and perfect Pantone presentation.

And prepare for the PARADES! Pink, puce, peach, plum, and periwinkle (plus fuschia, ochre, turquoise, copper, scarlet, lavender, cerulean, and yellow)–posse up with simpatico pigments and promenade past other preening packs of colorful compatriots!

Where: Priceless 2018, in Belden Town
When: Sunday, July 1st, 2018, from 7-9pm
RSVP: here on this page! (please. for posterity.)
Dress code: Please present your precious person in ONE PREFERRED PIGMENT. Two hues would be too many. (No plaids, paisleys, or patterns, pah!) And peep this: no blacks, greys, or whites shall be permitted–pish-posh. For this prime period of time, PAINT YOUR PARTS IN COLOR! Our Pinterest page presents plenty of possibilities, but we know you’ll prepare a panoply of peerless surprises.



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