2019 PWP

S u p e r B l o o m !

Many a friendship has taken root at Priceless. Bring your budding buddies, perennial pals, and invasive individuals to the greener grass of Belden. This is no garden variety gathering, so don your rose-colored glasses, gild your lilies, and let’s dance before we’re all pushing daisies

Winter showers bring Belden flowers! If your blooms have gone to seed, just prune them up–we know they’ll be fresh as daisies in no time. Everything will be coming up roses…and poppies, lupines, dandelions, morning glories, violets, sunflowers, primroses, peonies. whatever blossoms in your imagination. 

So, put your pedal to the metal on your way up to Belden for this SuperBlooming party. Forget us not! Thistle surely be the party of the year. When the crowd phlox to the dirt stage, creep on over like the blazing star you are. 

We can’t wait to see your baby blue eyes, fiddlenecks, bleeding hearts, and jupiter’s beards. Our bouquet is big enough for everyBUDy: wallflowers, busy bees, and butterfly weeds

See you soon, sweet petunias!


Where:  Priceless 2019, in Belden Town

When:  Saturday, July 6, 2019, from 7-9pm

RSVP here!

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