Activities 2019

Priceless Guide to Activities 2019

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Nourish your mind, body, and creative spirit with Priceless activities. Curious how peeing in your floaty helps produce hydroelectricity? Dive into one of our workshops exploring the natural history and environment of the North Fork Feather River. Jazzercise your way to one of our movement workshops, from contact improv and movement meditation to burlesque. Dabble in the musical arts and go from kazero to kazoo-hero (with a special Priceless kazoo!) or bring your own instrument for Priceless’ first-ever acoustic string jam. For the aesthetically inclined, try spin art and watercolors, or paper craft your own SuperBloom ahead of Saturday’s party within a party. Like words? Ignite Talks are back, featuring speedy 5-minute presentations from your friends. Or, debate your fellow attendees and bring your worst idea to the Lodge Bar. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the West Coast debut of the Calyer Street Players Reenactment Guild, featuring the world premiere of The Marriage of Buffalo Bill, sponsored by Moonblock.

To plan out your adventures, peep the Priceless Activities schedule and descriptions here. Note that the activities schedule is subject to change. Be sure to check the info board next to the Lodge for the latest and greatest!

Acoustic String Jam: Old time, Bluegrass, and Celtic with Bob and Mary Z Cox & Cameron


Bring your instrument! Come and jam out, strum along, or keep the rhythm through an easy selection of English, Irish and American tunes and reels. There will be chairs, shade and water. All string instruments, hand drums, or woodwinds are welcome! No amplified sounds or microphones. Feel free to bring an accordion, but please, no bagpipes or bowed psaltries. Big brass instruments are probably just too much, though a tasteful tuba is always appreciated. Some instrument storage available—find Sid. Come dressed for SuperBloom!

Bring Your Worst Idea with Marie

Usually, we talk about good ideas. What if we turn the tables and challenge ourselves to think outside the norm, and discuss terrible ideas in a non-judgmental context? Please bring: things you wouldn’t normally say aloud, things that seem like terrible ideas but would be interesting to think through and concepts you want to challenge. You do not need to agree with your idea.

Burlesque from the Inside Out with Kellita the Showgirl Shaman

Learn how burlesque can offer potent homecoming possibilities, and open the door to deep intimacy with the self. Practice foundational movements, and hear perspectives on how to best “see” each other. Practice with mini-movement improvs with prompts.

Calyer Street Players Reenactment Guild presents: “The Marriage of Buffalo Bill,” a Moonblock Production

It is the goal of the Calyer Street Players Reenactment Guild, NYC’s hottest new entertainers, to bring theater to the unenlightened. “The Marriage of Buffalo Bill” (sponsored by Moonblock) is our latest performance and has been written to cater to the interests of the West Coast. Bring your crystals.

Circle Twerk with Sam & DJ Wily


Wanna learn how to twerk?! In this class, we’ll breakdown the basic movements of twerking and show you that any booty, no matter how big or small, can look great doing it! No test at the end, we just want to help you get comfortable with your body, get comfortable being silly and get comfortable feeling bootylicious.

Contact Improv with Nuria

Explore the physical forces of gravity and momentum, and the emotional forces of the human psyche. It is a kind of partner dance, and as one, it requires trust and autonomy. Find trust and autonomy while dancing with another. Nuria has been dancing and teaching contact improv for more than 20 years.

Dive into the Natural World with Diana


Join for a playful and interactive exploration of the natural site hosting Priceless. This activity will feature sketching, observations and discussions of local ecosystems, natural and human history of the area around the North Fork Feather River. We’ll practice being naturalists: citizen scientists that begin with “why?” Sketching materials provided. Wear comfortable shoes.

DIY Green Cleaning Supplies with Amanda

Learn how to reduce your impact and make your own cleaning supplies, including everything from everyday household non-toxic cleaners to deodorant, toothpaste, soy candles, moisturizer, room deodorizers and more.

Finger Painting with Tashi & Sylvan: All Fingers & Utensils Welcome

Ignore the anti-finger painting propaganda, proclaiming it an art form “only for witless children and simple-minded oafs.” Bring your fingers together to create without constraint. Wet your fingers in tempera paint and show the world that finger painting is an art form that lifts the spirit into the deepest pinnacles and substructures of the multiverse. Canvas, glitter and googly eyes provided. Try painting with a spork or slapping your painting with a banana!

Forest Bathing Nature Hike with Kirra


Welcome travelers, to a wild wander into the soaring depths of your truest nature! Come walk with the green ones and the stone ones. Leave a message for the animals. Throttle down. Shake it out. Listen in. Offer. Ask. Wait. Listen again. Maybe you’ll hear a whisper in the leaves? A little song, dancing on the water? Breathe deeply and drink it in. Wash it down the river. This activity is a short, meandering hike that lasts about 90min and is suitable for willing adults and kids over 8.

Forest Talk Radio

Join Griffin and Laura (Lola Villa) for a conversation with Forest Stage artists about their journeys creating the sound, and topics like diversity that affect everyone on stage and in the audience. Bring your questions and your curiosity.

Get Your Consent On with Joseph

Desires. Boundaries. Moods. We all have them. All. The. Time. How can you best play and explore so that EVERYONE feels good about what’s happening both during and after your interactions? We’ll start with understanding the Consent Framework, have some facilitated discussion and Q&A, then practice tools for better communication and fun.

I See Tiny Things: Microscopy with Jess


Belden, like every other place on earth, is crawling with microscopic life that we usually overlook. We’ll use compact, foldable microscopes to visualize protists and other microbes from the river, puddles, and maybe our own bodies. Participants can attach the microscopes to their smartphones to take photos and keep them after the exercise to continue exploring at Priceless and beyond.

Ignite Priceless 4

Ignite Talks are back! Come see your fellow attendees share their passions, ideas and stories in a series of speedy 5-minute presentations. Our speakers this year include Kelly Jensen, Josh Silverman, Jun Axup, Lydia Laurenson, Kalina Eagler, Amber Richard, Suga Hickox, Erica Stephan, Mia Sorada, Gregory Dicum and Issac Roth.

Jazzercise Dance Class with Cara


Kick off the weekend by engaging those hips! Join for an authentic Jazzercize dance class straight outta 1986. Don your leotards if you got ’em and get ready for a high energy, high silliness, highly aerobic jazzercise party. No dance skills required.

Kazoo Troupe Class with Cat


Go from Kazero to Kazhero in this workshop that covers kazoo fundamentals, breath support techniques and crewzooisting. We’ll answer questions like, “When is a kazoo solo the right move?” and “What all can I do with my kazoo?” Participants will also receive a very special gift.

Learn to Make Hammocks & Nets with Anatoly

Learn techniques used to tie, knot and braid various hammocks. A small amount of cordage is provided for each student to learn the various knot techniques. As their skills progress, each student will get the option to braid the “master” hammock which, upon completion, can be hung up on a small pontoon boat to float on the water.

Mother Goose on the Loose: Children’s Storytime with Zachary & Amanda

Join us for interactive tellings of classic kids tales with puppets and other special guests. Who stole the cupcakes before Pete and Gus’s big party? What exactly did Brown Bear see? How hungry was that caterpillar anyway? The answers to these and other questions will be provided. We’ll also sing songs. Bring your littles. Costumes encouraged.

Movement Meditation with Rion

This guided movement meditation seeks to connect you with a sense of something bigger. Silence your inner critic, step outside judgement, and dance your way through the rest of your day. Come prepared to dance for the length of the class!

Nail Art with Laura

Get one of your digits dialed with unique nail art.

Party Fitness with Mark


Partying for days can be as hard on your body as an athletic event. Taking care of yourself is essential to making it a positive experience, instead of draining and damaging. By respecting your natural physical, psychological and biochemical needs, you can leave an event feeling better than when you came. Learn how to fuel, maintain and recover both body and mind to be in peak condition for maximum fun. This workshop is lead by Mark Alter, a coach with a background in neuroscience, psychology and athletic training.

Pointless Rewards Program & Scavenger Hunt

Sign up for the first ever Priceless Pointless Rewards Program and receive your very own Pointless Card. Via scavenger hunt, puzzles and Ponzi schemes, card holding members are rewarded with punched holes in their cards. Redeem your Pointless Points for Pointless Rewards, like our floatie reservation system!* A completely punched card may be traded for a Pointless merit badge. *Reservations not guaranteed.

Read, Write, Recite: Poetry Hour with Patrick

Gather to recite your favorite poem, one you write or one that’s known. Peruse from volumes or just listen, let the verses lilt and glisten.

Slow Dance Party with Thundermouse

Come get nostalgic for the good ‘ole days of middle school dances with an hour of nothing but slow jams from the 50s all the way to the present-ish. Dress to impress your middle school crush with your best formal wear and get a picture with your sweetie at our awkward photo booth.

Social Studies with Josh & Inga


Share perspectives on making friends, nurturing relationships, and managing social anxiety. Bring your dorkiest outfit and a snack to share.

Spin Art! with Stephanie


Use a spin art rig and a wide arrange of colors to create your very own piece on recycled wood and acrylic from a local shop. Or bring your own (all corners must fit within an 8″ circle, and we need to be able to drill a hole in the middle!).

Standard Stoppages and Continuous Current


Dams, powerhouses, tunnels, penstocks, canals—these are the building blocks of the Feather River landscape. Curious how peeing in your floaty helps produce hydroelectricity? Ever wonder how the electrical grid traverses the steep terrain of the High Sierras? Join us for an electrically charged journey through local facts and lore around the surrounding power grid. Participants will shock their creativity by using river water to paint their own version of the grid. Wear comfortable shoes, as this will be a walk and talk exploration.

SuperBloom Flower-Making Crafty-Times

Paper flower crafting in preparation for the party-within-a-party. Create flowers for your bouquet, headdress, crown, or costume. Already have your costume planned? Then help us grow a huge garden of flowers to turn Belden Town into a vibrant SuperBloom!

Villanelle Obsession Workshop with Heather


A villanelle is a French poetic form consisting of exactly nineteen lines. Due to its strict and repetitive structure, it lends itself especially well to the subject of obsessions. We will briefly cover the form’s history and structure, and then you will compose your own obsessive villanelle on whatever subject has the strongest grip on your psyche. Volunteers will be available to help jog loose any stubbornly stuck ideas. When the graphite dust has settled, everyone will be welcome to share the obsessions they have manifested in poetic form.

Vocal Harmony Workshop with Margaret


Learn basic singing techniques and how to harmonize with others. This workshop will focus on acapella singing styles and use improvised singing circle exercises for group vocal development. This workshop is meant to inspire beginners to discover their natural born vocal abilities, and to encourage more experienced singers to continue developing theirs.

Watercolors with Carrie


Play with color, paint some plant or people portraits, explore the extraordinary world of watercolor, and make something meaningful for yourself or a friend. Supplies provided, just bring your imagination.

Yogalates with Sofia & Jeremy


Breathe deep, strengthen your core and move mindfully with ease. This practice combines yoga, Pilates and mind-body movement practices into a fun yet challenging workshop to wake you up. Get your prana flowing while learning about anatomy and functionally expressive movement. Bring yourself, water, a yoga mat and clothes you can move in.

Zero Forms & Partner Games with Michael

Explore practices to enable embodied connectivity, communication, and coordination. Zero forms are a selection of movements that assist in understanding of biomechanics, anthropometry, and joint harmony, functioning as a kind of “kinetic hygiene” that prepares you for dynamic movement. Partner games are inspired by practices from body-to-body martial arts, contact improv, and physical therapy, where partners and groups work on their skills in collaborative movement games. This offering is based on Fighting Monkey Practice as developed by Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea.

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