Evacuation Plan

To prepare for emergency evacuations, roadways in Belden are kept clear and fire lanes clearly marked. Cars are parked facing the direction of evacuation, per Federal and County regulation. Enough cars are kept on site to be able to implement the evacuation plan. Belden staff are in charge of the evacuation procedure and our staff will assist them as necessary to complete evacuation.

Once staff is notified of an evacuation requirement from CalFire, the CHP, the Sheriff’s Office, or Plumas County, the security team and event leads will assemble with Belden staff to review plans and assignments.

No breakdown of camps or of event infrastructure will occur at the time of evacuation; only living beings will be evacuated. Priceless Event Leads, Parking, and Door staff will oversee vehicle traffic.

If evacuation becomes necessary, a 3 pulse siren in 4 second cycles will sound, and the security team will move through the campground area with megaphones, informing participants of the call for evacuation, direct them to collect Identification and any life sustaining prescription medications, and to immediately do the following, as applies to them:

  1. “On site Vehicles”: Attendees who have vehicles parked in Belden will be directed to get in their vehicles and proceed to the Belden RV parking lot.
  2. “Off site Vehicles”: Participants with vehicles in the off-site lots will be instructed to get their keys, report to the RV parking lot and prepare to assist in evacuating other participants off-site.
  3. “Carpoolers”: Participants who do not have vehicles onsite or in the off site lots will be instructed to assemble at the front of the lodge and will then be directed by Priceless event staff to follow the paved road out of town and across the bridge. Participants will then be directed across Highway 70 while traffic is managed by High Rock, Belden, and event staff. Participants will be directed by Priceless staff to gather at the rest stop north of Belden on the north side of Highway 70, where they will await pickup.

Once in the RV parking lot, “Onsite Cars” will fill their remaining seats* with drivers** of off site vehicles and drive them to the offsite parking lot so that they in turn can retrieve their vehicles and assist in the evacuation. This process will iterate as required, using our shuttle if the Emergency takes place while the shuttle is on site.

* To ensure safety, only seats with appropriate seatbelts will be filled.

** Only drivers will be ferried to the offsite parking lot, in order to maximize the number of cars returning to Belden to assist in evacuation.

All vehicles returning to Belden from the offsite parking lot will load passengers at the rest stop north of Belden on the north side of Highway 70 and proceed southwest along the evacuation route as specified by CalFire/CHP/Sheriff/Plumas County.

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