Guide to Maximum Enjoyment

We try not to have too many rules, but after more than a decade we’ve figured out a few guidelines that help us operate smoothly.  Plus most of Priceless is held on various types of government land, so there are a few of their rules we need to enforce. Priceless Planners, artists, vendors, Belden Town, and all other participants are asked to adhere to these guidelines  if they wish to continue participating in the event.

FIRST! The Priceless Guide to Maximum Enjoyment:

  1.    Respect your environment.  The Feather River, Belden Town, and the surrounding forest are hosting our festival. To ensure maximum enjoyment this year, please treat every part of this wonderful place with respect. Clean up after yourself, and don’t set anything on fire… we like having nice things. And please be courteous to the custodians: Belden Staff, park rangers, Priceless staff, High Rock, etc.
  1.    Respect yourself. Wear sunscreen. Drink water! Take breaks in the shade. Eat when you are hungry and rest when you need a nap. Don’t float down the river without telling anyone and get stuck in berry brambles. Be mindful of what you put in your body and be mindful of how it may affect you.
  1.    Respect others. Be considerate of others. Everyone’s here to have fun. Be nice. Don’t take other people’s stuff. If someone looks like they need a buddy, please alert Priceless staff, security, the closest adult… anyone.  Maximum enjoyment of all starts with enthusiastic consent! Before sharing snacks, hugs, or a sleeping bag – please ask. If someone is unable to say what they want, then they can not consent to sharing anything.

If you see anything that seems off or you need help, find someone with a radio or go to the door to alert the Planner Team. Also: High Rock Security are our trusted partners and can always reach us.

SECOND, a few reminders and guidelines that fit in with above principles:

DO camp in approved locations only. Priceless makes special use agreements with the Federal Government in exchange for special use of the land in specific ways. Ask a Planner or High Rock Security person if you’re unsure if a spot is okay for camping, and please adhere to our requests if we ask you to relocate.  

DO know your limits when it comes to your body’s tolerance of intoxicants, and DON’T become intoxicated to the point that you’re negatively impacting other individuals. This doesn’t come up often, but we need to say it just once: if it’s determined that your public intoxication is adversely affecting the well-being or feeling of safety of another participant, you may be directed to leave the event by the Priceless Planners, High Rock, or Belden staff.

DO practice good photography etiquette. Please ask before taking people’s photos whenever possible. We love consent! Post a link to your event photos in the Priceless Facebook event when you put them online, to give people in the photos a chance to request taking them down. If any attendee who’s in a photo requests taking the photo down, take it down. Professional musicians/artists can take photos/video of themselves performing at Priceless or their art at Priceless for commercial use, as long as any recognizable attendees in the photo have given explicit consent for that use. All other commercial use of photos taken at Priceless is prohibited.
Are you a skilled photographer interested in volunteering your skills to help us document Priceless? Reach out to to find out about any opportunities.  We do not allow promoting any product or other event at Priceless, or promoting Priceless at other events. If in doubt, ask first (

DO ask before making a physical, verbal, or sexual advance on another participant, and DON’T assume that your advances are welcome unless you receive clear verbal consent.  This is important in all interactions, including ones that happen on a dancefloor.  Again, if it’s determined that you’re engaging with someone else in a way that is non-consensual–physical, verbal, or otherwise–you may be directed to leave the event.

DO get permission from the Priceless Planners team before bringing an animal onsite. ADA-compliant service animals are allowed at the event. No pets are allowed, even if you work for Belden or a vendor. (This includes reptiles, birds, and mammals. Not even in your tents.)

DON’T get naked or engage in sexytimes in public.  Sorry, but we’re on public land and it’s expressly forbidden.  

DO do your best to comply with the requests of Priceless Planners, High Rock Security, MARS Medical, and the Belden management. We don’t have a lot of rules, so if we ask you to change your behavior it’s usually because of safety, consent, or local law enforcement.

DO get a permit if you want to use your campstove, and DON’T bring or use any other sort of fire besides cigarettes (which should be ashed into a tin). That means no fireworks, campfires, or fire spinning, plus no generators, campsite BBQs, candles, or equipment that sparks.

DON’T jump off of, hang from, or hang things from the bridge.  The local and state agencies are very serious about this one.

DO be aware of local law enforcement, who pay us visits on a regular basis.  Parts of Priceless are held on federal land, and parts are held on county land. We get lots of visitors. Please be friendly and respectful.

DON’T vend any items or food unless you’ve been given express consent from the Priceless Planners. We decided way back in our first year that vending wasn’t part of our vision for Priceless. We have a single food vendor, and that’s it.

DO pack out your trash.  This is a leave-no-trace event.

DON’T bring any weapons onsite or engage in any physical violence. Obviously. Violations of this rule will result in your ejection from the event. Period.

Thanks so much for reading, and for doing your best to help keep Priceless fun for all involved!  If the consequences of your actions (including being removed from the event) ever feel unjust, we’ll do our best to mediate a conversation among all concerned parties in a timely manner.

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