So… you’re bringing a little one(s) to Priceless, are you?

First, please send an email to to let us know. Include your kids’ names and ages! We can answer any questions you might have, and connect you with other parents who are bringing this year.

We’ll have a roster of kid-friendly events and activities, as well as some kid-specific things. If you have things you’d like to add to the roster, just email!

The larger Priceless community is generally an adult-oriented event, with lots of loud, boisterous stuff going on at all hours of the day & night. It is a pretty responsible and respectful community of fun-loving people, but your kids are going to see grown-ups acting like children. While kids love playing around with most of the art at Priceless, there may very well be art and experiences that you may be uncomfortable sharing with your child. Set your expectations accordingly!

Beyond that, what can you do to optimize your Priceless experience with kids?

Where to stay

We have a “Kidsville” camping area open only to people with kids. You don’t have to camp there, but you’ll find that Priceless will be a lot more fun — and manageable — for both you and your kids. It’s a little neighborhood full of buddies for your little people, and full of people conscious of the kid rhythms and culture.

You’re also welcome to camp anywhere else at Priceless with your family.


You already know about all the stuff you need to bring for your grown up experience, but what additional things do you need for the kids?

  • Ear protection — The music gets loud (that is, after all, the whole point) and it’s easily too intense for young ears to get close without something like this.
  • Swimming stuff —  If you have/need lifejackets, masks and snorkels, squirt guns, etc, then bring em! There’s a river and a pool, but no lifeguards.
  • Costumes!!!


Lots of the fun in Kidsville is communal. Everyone appreciates anything you bring to share — food, art supplies, face paints, costumes, games, toys, musical instruments, shade structures.

Lead an Activity!

Do you have an idea for a kid-focused activity? Let us know! Email your idea to!


The final night of Priceless features a themed costume party from 7 to 9, and it’s great for kids! It starts with a parade and includes a fun early evening party, and segues into all night dancing! So get the little ones ready with costumes too!

More Info

Do you have questions? Suggestions? A need for human contact? Don’t hesitate to email us at

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