Nourishment 2017

Convergence Catering

You may recognize Convergence from some of our sister festivals, serving up gourmet organic meals with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and amazing flavor.

Convergence is offering a pre-purchase meal plan to simplify your campout experience. The meal plan costs $79 for 5 meals for adults, and $52 for 5 meals for kids.

Meal plans are no longer for sale.

The menu for Priceless 2017 is:

  • Saturday Brunch: 10-1:30p
    Summer scramble with egg or tofu served with breakfast potato, and cold water processed coffee (served hot or cold).
  • Saturday Dinner: 6-9:30p
    Abuela-grade Mexican feast. Achiote rubbed roast chicken breast served with roasted poblano peppers or taco spiced tempeh and mushrooms, quinoa and spiced black beans, fresh salad, fresh salsa, guacamole, and corn tortillas.
  • Sunday Brunch: 10-1:30p
    Herbed scramble (egg or tofu) served with roasted breakfast roots, and. cold water process coffee, chai, yerba mate.
  • Sunday Dinner: 5:30-9:30p
    House made polenta served with fresh lamb meatballs, sautéed summer squash, olive tapenade, roasted mushroom, Nona Petey’s fresh marinara, and a fresh salad. (Vegetarian option is more mushrooms!)
  • Monday Brunch: 9a-12noon
    Southwest amazingness! Migas scramble (tofu or egg) served with tostones (depending on availability!) and the caffeine of your heart’s desire…

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be available at each meal. Some meals may differ slightly from this currently planned menu.

If you’re not ready to commit & willing to take your chances, a very limited number of à la carte meals will be sold onsite, but if you’re planning to rely on Convergence for your meals, definitely buy a meal plan first!

On Friday, an à la carte menu will be available.

  • Friday Dinner: 6-10pm
    Buffalo Burger/tempeh burger
    Griddled Mexican street corn
    Fresh salad
    Heirloom tomato
    Herbed roasted roots

In addition, Convergence will be offering late-night snacks, cold-press coffee, and chai until at least 10:30pm after dinners, or later based on enthusiastically expressed interest by Priceless patrons.

Bring cups and silverware for your delicious meals from our vendor. However, this year disposable plates will be provided for speed and cleanliness, so no need to bring plates.

Belden Lodge

The Belden Lodge will also be open all weekend long serving three meals a day and offering a full bar.

Communal grills

Priceless provides a few shared grills in front of the lodge for your use all weekend long.


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