Nourishment 2018

As in past years, Priceless 2018 is offering adult and child meal plans through Convergence Catering. Meal plans are on sale through Tuesday, and we’ll also have some Edible Activities.

BYO cups and utensils!

Bring a cup and fork/spork/chopsticks/whatever. Convergence will provide a limited amount of compostable tableware and cups, but you shouldn’t rely on their availability. If you do use the provided tableware, please try to re-use it in future meals in order to reduce waste!

Disposable plates will be provided for speed and cleanliness, so no need to bring your own plate.

Meal times

Times for meal plan meals:

Saturday/Sunday Brunch: 10-1:30p
Saturday/Sunday Dinner: 6-9:30p
Monday Brunch: 9a-12noon


~ Friday ~

A La Carte Snacks: Organic Cheese Pizza, Organic Salad / Specials/Drinks/Treats

A La Carte Dinner:  Buffalo Burger or Braised Portobello Mushroom served with Oven roasted root Veggies, Fresh Mexican Street Corn, and a Beautiful Salad

~ Saturday ~

Brunch:  Egg or Tofu-Vegetable Scramble served with Breakfast Potatoes

Dinner:    Achoite rubbed Chicken Breast Tacos or veggie Fajita tacos served with

Chipotle Black Beans, Quinoa, Salad and Housemade ancho Salsa

Snacks:  Organic Cheese Pizza, Organic Salad / A La Carte Specials/Drinks/Treats

~ Sunday ~

Brunch:  Egg or Tofu-Vegetable Scramble served with Breakfast Potatoes and organic chicken sausage/blueberry buffalo breakfast patties.

Dinner: House made polenta served with fresh lamb meatballs, sautéed summer

squash, olive tapenade, roasted mushroom, nona petey’s fresh  marinara, and a fresh salad.

Snacks:             Organic Cheese Pizza, Organic Salad

                            A La carte specials/drinks/treats

~ Monday ~

Brunch:  SouthWest Brunch: Migas (tortilla scramble) with Breakfast Potatoes


For reference, last year’s info.

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