PWP 2017

Birds of Distinction: The Priceless 2017 Party Within A Party


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Attention, parrots and peacocks, finches and flamingos!

Heads up, toucans, pelicans, and cockatoos!

Hummingbirds and honeycreepers! Grackles and gannets!


Sunday July 2, 7-9pm on the Feather River, the finest birds in all of Belden converge for an aerial carnival of truly avian proportions.

Prepare to preen your plumage. Get ready to work those wings and shake a tailfeather to groovy bird music. Plan to wet your beaks at the delicious avian tiki bar. You are going to enjoy the single greatest most amazing bird-themed party of your entire life.

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Expected partygoers include:

  • Party parrots!
  • Business birds!
  • Emperor penguins!
  • Humans wearing beautiful feathery bird-themed accessories!

WARNING, NO WILDCATS ALLOWED. Tigers, lions, and leopards strictly forbidden. Cats hate birds and birds hate cats; if you see any cats near the party, raise the alarm and alert the proper bird authorities.

Other fowl in full effect:

  • Brazilian-style carnival birds!
  • Pirates and their parrot-friends!
  • Black-Swan-esque ballerinas!
  • Skeksis!

SERIOUSLY, DO NOT TELL ANY WILDCATS ABOUT THIS PARTY. We definitely don’t want to see anyone wearing cat-ears, cat-whiskers, or cat-tails. We will turn away ThunderCats and Jellicle Cats alike. Cats are our terrifying and bloodthirsty natural enemies, plus also they are definitely not cool enough to party with us.

Also on the probable guest list:

  • Dinosaurs! (it turns out dinosaurs are totally birds)
  • Featheries! (like furries but for feathers)
  • Tengus! (the ancient Japanese bird-spirits)

See you there, lovebirds!

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