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Our ticketing page is here. Note we allow 2 tickets per person.

Already got a ticket? Buckle up because we’ve got some wheely exciting news. More on-site parking passes are available tonight, so you can park your ride and start dancing right away. Rev up your engine and let the good times roll!

Note: You can add passes for offsite parking, motorcycles, and kid tickets to your ticket without setting alarms; they won’t sell out (though we’ll close sales the week before the event).

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We’re pricing our tickets differently this year in an effort to balance our desire to keep Priceless affordable for those on tight budgets, while also allowing those who can afford it to give more so we can create a great event. Please purchase yours at the highest tier that is comfortable for you.

Note that all tickets include a meal plan because the fire danger is high at Spinning Wheel and camp stoves are not allowed. (Know that our meal vendor is great about accommodating dietary restrictions/needs.)

Ticket prices and explanations:

  • Sustainable: $395
    Purchasing at this tier helps support our ability to run the great event you’ve come to know and love, without much wiggle room in the budget.
  • Gratitude: $445+
    Purchase at this tier if your finances allow it and you want to help us expand key support and programming.
  • Minimum: $345
    If finances are tough, purchase at this tier.

Tickets for kids 2-12 years old: $125.

Please be aware that we have zero tolerance for scalpers — we put a ton of energy into keeping prices as low as we can, and scalpers taking advantage of that hard work makes us super grumpy. We reserve the right to void any tickets that we find to have been scalped. If you hear of anyone attempting to sell tickets above cost, please contact us. Our ticket platform offers a way to safely sell somebody else a ticket for face value that guarantees you get paid precisely when the ticket is transferred. Note that our Facebook event is public and like all public ticketed events attracts scammers. Don’t buy Priceless tickets from people with no social connection to other event attendees and who refuse to use the Secret Party secure resale feature!

As always, Priceless is a volunteer-run event. The ticket price is the cost of producing the event divided by the number of tickets. We do our best to contain costs and keep ticket prices as affordable as possible, despite unavoidable costs that grow from year to year.


We strongly encourage carpooling and all vehicles must have a parking pass. Parking fees go to covering the venue rental, security for the off-site lot, and shuttles to and from the event. So: Hooray for parking fees!

Parking pass types:

  • Offsite parking: $50
    Most cars will be parking in an offsite lot 1 mile away. We will have a shuttle.
  • Onsite parking: $150
    We have room for a few cars on site. Please note that if we need to do an emergency evacuation, onsite cars will be called into service.
  • RV/campervan parking: $650
    Any “sleep in vehicle” scenario counts as an RV/campervan, and will be in a specially designated area on site. We have a very limited (single digit) number of RV/campervan spaces available. Length limit: 24’. Note: Spinning Wheel does not have RV hookups.
    Please email atc@pricelessfestival.org if you would like to be notified about more RV parking opportunities.
  • Motorcycle: $10
    Motorcycles will be parked on site in a specially designated area.

Note: There is no car camping at Spinning Wheel, meaning no tents in the parking area. If you intend to sleep in your car, you need to purchase an RV/campervan parking pass.


Do you feel moved to contribute to the event and community that we have all come to love? Do you want to help make Priceless sustainable and accessible to more folks by generously giving some of your time? Do you like decorating, building, lifting, organizing/packing, herding cats, or interacting with people? 

Then sign up to volunteer by filling out this short form to commit your interest and gain access to a reserved pool of tickets. We need at least 100 volunteers! 


Check the Kids page for more details!


Invite your friends to our Facebook page! As always, stay up to date with the latest details on Priceless by joining our investor mailing list

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