Ticket Info


Tickets to Priceless are not currently on sale. Subscribe to the investor list to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!

Please be aware that we have zero tolerance for scalpers — we put a ton of energy into keeping prices as low as we can, and scalpers taking advantage of that hard work makes us super grumpy. We reserve the right to void any tickets that we find to have been scalped. If you hear of anyone attempting to sell tickets above cost, please contact us.

As always, Priceless is a volunteer-run event. The ticket price is the cost of producing the event divided by the number of tickets. We do our best to contain costs and keep ticket prices as affordable as possible, despite unavoidable costs that grow from year to year.


Parking prices for Priceless are not currently set. All vehicles will be required to purchase a parking pass.


We think volunteering is pretty fun, actually — it’s a great way to meet a bunch of people and feel ownership in the event. If you’re interested in that option, please contact us at volunteers@pricelessfestival.org.


Check the Kids page for more details!


Invite your friends to our Facebook page! As always, stay up to date with the latest details on Priceless by joining our investor mailing list

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